Interior Design renderings we produce by way of two methods:

        1. Traditional method, which utilizes complete design information furnished to us from the client at the outset: CAD drawings for floor/finish plans, RCPs and elevations and the FFE cut sheets for 3D objects to be rendered.

        2. Design Visioneering method, which does not require all design information to be in place at the outset.

         Design Visioneering method allows the client to develop the design "on the go" as the rendering is being developed.
          Renderings for interior renovations, for instance, can be started based on only the photograph of the existing space. We create the wire-frame model from the photo to which the client responds by way of redlines and comments as the design for the interior architecture is taking shape while the furniture layouts are developed and the FFE/finishes selections are being made.

         Both methods require finish selections and colors to be furnished to us as the rendering nears completion as we do not provide design consulting for interior renderings.